Fotini Galanes

With heightened sensitivity to where we find beauty, I have a preoccupation with why humans are cruel to both the presence and absence of it. Abandoning my compulsion to restore the representational, I reconstruct beauty where we normally find fear.


The unnameable intense themes in Fotini Galanes’ abstract drawings conceal and reference the artist’s fascination with the human response to the grotesque and the exquisite. Her motivation is deeply based on vulnerability. Obsessive in her method, Fotini draws in public environments and her studio with graphite or charcoal. She works directly onto sturdy grounds, porcelain, paper, and walls, referencing specific events, emotions and the mystery of cell programming. These works are said to “teeter strangely between the pure aesthetic experience and conceptual decay.”


drawings by fotini galanes


murals by fotini galanes


exhibits and installations

exhibits & installations